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Applied Cases
[Private] BERIT, a customized electronic Form service for public institutions
Project Name
SaaS development and verification project using the public sector
PaaS-TA Coverage
Company/Institution Name
Digitalzone CO.
    [BERIT, a customized electronic Form service for public institutions]
  • e-Form service (SaaS) that supports the implementation of a paperless environment for civil service administration by completing online forms and converting forms that were previously processed by paper output and handwritten signature methods into digital(electronic) signature methods
Configuration Background
  • Increasing inconvenience and excessive administrative expenses due to "paper documents" and "handwritten methods" of civil affairs in public institutions
    • (Public sector personnel) As most complaints are processed in paper documents, heavy work such as paper printing/scanning/storage, face-to-face consultation, etc
    • (Client) Time/economic costs incurred by visiting the institution for handwriting
Deployment Content
  • BERIT, a customized e-form service for public institutions
    • (Application Fill-out Service(First peron)) when applying for a civil service by yourself
    • (Application Fill-out Service(Agent)) When applying for a civil service through an agency
    • (Multiple e-Formated Fill-out Service (at least 2 people)) Two or more stakeholders, such as contracts and confirmations, prepare documents and use them when applying for civil service
    • Satisfy various forms of civil complaints by selectively adopting them according to the nature of the work of public institutions
  • Public Sector Personnel Aspects - e-Form registration and dispatch function
    • (Upload e-Form) Uploads the form that the client has to fill-out - Can be uploaded in various of extension files(hwp, doc, xls, pdf, etc.)
    • (Edit/Register e-Form) Sections the client has to fill-out(Text/Signature/Check-box) Complete the format registration by specifying settings and attachments
  • Client Aspects - Fill-out and submit e-Form function
    • (Identification Verification) Verification through checking the clients Name, Phone Number, and Email Authentication
    • (Fill-our e-Form) Fill-out the section required from the Public Sector personnel(Text/Signature/Check-box)
    • (Submit e-Form) Completed digital signature on the completed e-Form and submitted to a public institution
    • (Checking of e-Form) View and download completed documents and audit trail certificates with timestamp (TSA) inserted
  • Additional Function
    • (Attach Certificate) Attach files such as certificates can be submitted en masse when applying for civil service by linking public and university certificates
    • (Blockchain History Management) Implementation of a blockchain-based security management service for electronic document preparation history
  • Build Open Cloud Platform
    • (MSA Structure) Service customization is implemented according to the complaint handling process of each public institution by providing detailed service classification and individual APIs
    • (Autoscailing and metering/billing) Auto-scaling, which flexibly scales and shrinks resources at the request of users, and metering and billing capabilities that charge as much as you use them
    • (Multitenancy) Provides user-specified, discrete data environments and implement user-centric, request-based self-service
    • (Monitoring) Built a secured infrastructure environment and log audit and monitoring system in conjunction with an open cloud platform
  • Secured the convenience of introducing cloud services in public institutions
    • Reduced administrative costs and shorten the time required for public institutions to introduce services by utilizing the digital service contract system
    • Open cloud platform PaaS-TA compatibility verification, cloud security certification (CSAP) (SaaS standard rating), and cloud service verification
    • Secured legal validity, such as the digital Signature Act/Electronic Documents and the Framework Act on Electronic Transactions
    • Private G-cloud MSP training professionals provide SaaS deployment/operation consulting
Characteristics of the Configurations
  • Increased the efficiency of civil service work in public institutions and reducing social costs
    • (Public sector Personnel) Reduced the hassle of printing/writing existing paper and scanning/storing, and reduce face-to-face consultation, the efficiency of public sector personnel and costs such as storage and labor costs
    • (Client) Expanded accessibility/convenience for civil petitioners by completing/submitting e-Forms through PC and mobile without installing a separate program
  • Non-disruptive service operation despite of traffic load, maintenance issues
    • Rapid and flexible response based on auto-scaling and load balancing even if complaints surge or network congestion occurs temporarily
    • Provides non-stopped stable civil complaint service for 24hours for 365days
  • Reduced deployment operation cost with service usage-based charging policies
    • Flexible budget management based on charging policies based on service usage
    • Groundbreaking cost reduction effect on deployment/operation is expected by measuring the usage of resource/tenant and billing monitoring

 Refer to the service flowchart below for SaaS development and verification project service for public sector use. Refer to the system configuration below for SaaS development and verification project service for public sector use.

  • Service Flowchart
    • Fill-out e-form → digital signature → Submit e-form
      • Public Sector personnel → 1.register and send e-form → e-Form SaaS(BERIT)
      • Client(first person) → 2.Fill-out and submit e-Form → e-Form SaaS(BERIT) → 3.Check completed form → public sector personnel → Cloud Service Portal
      • Client(first person) → Requests for e-Form for two or more people → Civil(Agency) → complete online e-form → e-format SaaS(BERIT)
  • System Configuration
    • Cloud Infrastructure Service
      • IaaS(CSP)
        • DMZ
          • Server
            • Virtual Machine/Virtual Private Cloud
          • Storage
            • NAS/Object storage
          • Additional service
            • WAF,LB,VPN/Backup,CDN,DB,Web Solution/Security Solution
        • Firewall
        • Private Zone
          • Server
          • Storage
          • Additional Service
        • PaaS
          • Cloud Platform
          • Lifecycle Management
          • Image cycle Management
          • CI/CD
          • Performance and Availability
          • Sidecar
          • Accounting Management
          • Platform Management
          • Usage Management
          • Netwok Security
          • Access Authority Management
          • Service Environment Management
          • Infrastructure control and management
          • DevOps
      • Development/Management
        • Library/Management & SDK
          • Java,JSP,XML,Groovy,Node.js,CSS,HTML
        • Management Tool
        • Development Tool
        • Command Line/Interface
      • e-Form SaaS Service
        • (Public Sector)Organization Management
          • Public Sector Personnel Management
          • Invite Public Sector Personnel
        • (Public Sector Personnel)Complaint Management
          • Complaint Search
          • Complaint status management
          • Register e-Form
          • Edit e-Form
          • Send e-Form
          • Check Completed Document
        • (Client) e-Form Management
          • Identification Verification
          • Fill-out e-Form
          • Attach File
          • digital signature
          • completion notification mail
          • Download completed document
        • (Both)Service Management
          • Service Portal
            • User Information
            • Service Management
            • Charging Management
            • Maintenance Bulletin
            • Monitoring
            • User Guide
          • Admin Portal
            • Institutional Member Management
            • Service Management
            • Charging Management
            • Cloud Management