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K-PaaS Release
Where K-PaaS release information is shown.
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Version Information

  • K-PaaS 2024
    K-PaaS 2024
    - Container Platform has been upgraded based on Kubernetes 1.27.5 and KubeEdge 1.12.0 version
    - Includes a multi-cloud deployment package with domestic cloud service providers, and the services provided can expand a wide range of MSA-based networks through service mashing.
    - Provides a sample deployment using a service mash and leveraging open source to enable multiple distributed clusters to act as a single cluster using federation.
    - Can easily create, manage, and monitor additional clusters from the portal with OpenTofu. Can also add clusters using various domestic CSPs by adding supported providers.
    - All OS images used by Application Platform are enhanced and based on Ubuntu 22.04 (ubuntu-jammy 1.260).
    - Sdecar's reference model has been changed from CF-FOR-K8S to the more Kubernetes-friendly KORIFI.
  • PaaS-TA 6.5 – Farfalle
    PaaS-TA 6.5 – Farfalle
    - The Container Platform was upgraded based on Kubernetes 1.24.6
      Version and KubeEdge 1.12.0 Version.
    - We support multi-clusters and have enhanced global dashboards and
      cluster health information collection.
    - The cluster can be created easily and managed automatically using
      the portal with the adoption of Terraform.
    - With the adoption of the AI platform for Kubernetes, machine learning
      workflows are automated.
    - The Application Platform was upgraded based on cf-deployment v21.7.0
      (stemcell ubuntu-jammy 1.44, ubuntu-bionic-1.122).
    - We have added a user domain certificate service that allows users
      to register certificates from various domains.
    - We have published the ability to add languages to the Application
      Platform deployment pipeline.
    - The ELK of the Application Platform locking service has been converted
      to Fluentd.
    - Portal deployment is now available at the Sidecar and scripts are being
    - Adopted Fluentd instead of ELK used for Log monitoring.
    - The process for collecting the log has been simplified, and the resources
      required for operations have been reduced.
    - Developed an integrated monitoring interface module to provide APIs
      for connecting with various platforms.
    - Simplified applying procedures for monitoring dashboard libraries to
      shorten complex development environment settings.
    - We have updated the open-source software for the seven releases
      that were used for monitoring to provide reliable services and functions.
  • PaaS-TA 6.0 – Anelli
    PaaS-TA 6.0 – Anelli
    - The platform has been developed based on cf-deployment v16.14
      (stemcell ubuntu-bionic 1.34) application.
    - Multi-CPI was utilized to provide deployment and guidance to deploy
      application platforms on hybrid cloud environments.
    - Scripts are provided for easier deployment of the application platform
      portal container version.
    - Fixed security vulnerabilities (CVE) and system vulnerabilities (CCE v4.1)
    - Fixed a security vulnerability for Log4j.
    - We have released a new sidecar that can be deployed in the container
      platform kubernetes environment.
    - The container platform has been upgraded based on Kubernetes 1.20.5
      and KubeEdge 1.8.2.
    - Organizing independant container platform is possible through
      integrated authorization and SSO with the application platform provided
    - Monitoring for various container platform environments are provided and
      the related software installations and updates have been simplified.
    - Monasca has been replaced with Zabbix to monitor IaaS. Installation and
      application guide will be provided.
  • PaaS-TA 5.5 - Semini
    PaaS-TA 5.5 - Semini
    - The application platform has been upgraded based from cf-deployment
      v13.19 (stemcell 621.94).
    - Lightweight model is provided for resource reduction and spread of
    - A new function for deploying my app and SSH access from the user
      portal has been added.
    - In keeping with the lightweight application platform, the portal also
      provides a container version.
    - Exclusive deployment of Kubernetes and Edge deployment function has
      been added.
    - PaaS-TA monitoring Metric Data collecting system has been enhanced.
    - PaaS-TA monitoring’s unstructured data has been fixed.
    - Security vulnerability(CVE) and system vulnerability(CCE v4.1) have been
  • PaaS-TA 5.0 - Ravioli
    PaaS-TA 5.0 - Ravioli
    - Container control and management functions using Kubernetes have
      been enhanced.
    - Full lifecycle management of the application has been added.
    - Marketplace has been added.
    - The application Gateway function has been enhanced.
    - IaaS/PaaS/CaaS/SaaS integrated monitoring has been added.
    - Automatic installation of MS Azure has been added.
    - MS Azure-OpenStack hybrid cloud environment now provides PaaS
  • PaaS-TA 4.0 - Rotelle
    PaaS-TA 4.0 - Rotelle
    - Various cloud support and management technology were added.
    - Container control and management that uses Kubernetes were added.
    - Logging as a service was added.
    - Added IaaS/PaaS integrated monitoring.
    - Added auto-installation of MS Azure.
    - AWS-OpenStack hybrid cloud environment now provides PaaS
  • PaaS-TA 3.0 - Penne
    PaaS-TA 3.0 - Penne
    - Development and operation, as well as the management section has
      been enhanced.
    - Added Configuration management service tool.
    - User and operator portal was upgraded.
    - Added auto-installation of Google GCP.
    - Added deployment pipeline service tool.
    - The service monitoring tool was upgraded.
    - Added IaaS management dashboard.
  • PaaS-TA 2.0 - Linguine
    PaaS-TA 2.0 - Linguine
    - Added operation and management tool.
    - Added user’s portal, operator’s portal, monitoring system, developed
      auto-installation, and metering.
    - Added WEB-IDE development tool.
    - egov Buildpack has been upgraded from v2.5 to v3.5.
    - Service-Broker provides CloudFoundry API version 2.x.
    - Added Pinpoint Java APM service. (Pinpoint Buildpack)
  • PaaS-TA 1.0
    PaaS-TA 1.0
    - Added support service and execution environment were made.
    - Added development support service. (Cubrid, Mysql, MongoDB, Redis,
      RabbitMQ, Swift Object, API platform)
    - Provides egov Buildpack v2.5 version.
    - Provides language-specified application development. (Node.js, PHP,
      Python, Ruby)
    - Provides Eclipse plugin.
    - Provides platform auto-installation.