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Applied Cases
You can check K-PaaS applied cases.
NO Field Company/Institution Name Application Topic Year
29 Private Digitalzone BERIT, a customized electronic Form service for public institutions 2023
28 Public K-water Big Data-Based Water Quality Measurement and Monitoring Service 2023
27 Private NAVER CLOUD PaaS-TA on Ncloud 2023
26 Private NAVER CLOUD NKS(NAVER Kubernetes Service) 2023
25 Private NAVER CLOUD Cloud DB for Redis 2023
24 Private NAVER CLOUD Cloud DB for MySQL 2023
23 Public Gimpo City Strengthening search and utilization functions through an integrated management system of public cloud AI records 2021
22 Public EPIS Smart Farm Big Data Integration Platform 2021
21 Public Public Mask Public Mask App/Web 2020
20 Public Suwon City Collaborative agency budget accounting integrated management platform 2020
19 Public Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center AI Manufacturing Platform (KAMP) 2020
18 Public National Information Society Agency KOREN Development Environment 2020
17 Public Korea Technology andn Infromation Promotion Agency for SMEs Public Information System 2020
16 Public Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute R&D cloud platform for shipbuilding/offshore sector 2020
15 Public Busan City Busan City's own IDC platform 2020
14 Public Seoul City Next-generation business management system 2020
13 Public National Information Society Agency ICT Cloud Platform 2019
12 Private NHN NHN Toast PaaS-TA 2019
11 Public Ministry of the Interior and Safety E-Government Cloud Platform 2019
10 Public National Information Society Agency KOREN Development Environment 2018