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Learn about the open cloud platform K-PaaS BI based on open source.
What BI stands for
K-PaaS logo conceived by combining traditional Korean literature with K, the representative character of the Korean Wave, and is expressed in a monochrome color.
K-PaaS OpenPaaS 로고
Use of English and Korean
This is an example of using K-PaaS in English and Korean.
k-paas 가로형 로고
k-paas 세로형 로고
Color code
We use clean and elegant color that matches the identity of K-PaaS.
K-PaaS Color
C86 M55 Y84 K23
K-PaaS Color
C98 M82 Y62 K39
K-PaaS B&W
C55 M45 Y41 K0
K-PaaS B&W
C92 M88 Y88 K80
The Brand Identity of the open cloud platform, K-PaaS, has changed from each released version. The idea of K-PaaS, which was born from the admiration towards changes and the willingness to take on challenges, is also reflected in the BI of each version.