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Sidecar - v.2.0.0-beta

This is the sidecar configuration diagram of Open Cloud Platform K-PaaS.
Sidecar is based on kubernetes and the open project korifi to combine the benefits of the application platform.
On the user side, it uses the same CLI as the application platform.
Includes Kubernetes and various cloud-native open source projects.


K-PaaS 사이드카는 컨테이터 플랫폼을 이용하여 Kubernetes Cluster 환경을 구성합니다
					Kubernetes Cluster는 System Components 부분과 App workloads 부분으로 분리되어 있습니다
					System Components는 Cloud Controller, Routing Controller, Logging, Eirini, Istio, Fluentd, UAA, Metrics, PostgresDB, kpack, Paketo buildpacks, Minio blobstore로 구성되어 있습니다
					App workloads는 App Staging tasks, App Instance로 구성되어 있습니다.
					각 컴포넌트에 대한 자세한 설명은 구성 요소의 기능 및 역할을 참조

Functions and Roles of the components

Open Source List

Open Source List
Service Group Service Name Opensource Name License Remark
Sidecar sidecar deployment korifi Apache2.0  
Kubernetes projects cert-manager Apache2.0  
Kpack Apache2.0  
Contour Apache2.0  
Metrics Server Apache2.0  
Service Bindings Controller Apache2.0  
Paketo buildpack java Apache2.0  
nodejs Apache2.0  
ruby Apache2.0  
procfile Apache2.0  
go Apache2.0