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Project under progress
Ongoing projects of the Open Cloud Platform K-PaaS.
Provides project description and Github links of the following Teams- Container Platform, Application Platform, and Monitoring Platform.

Container Platform

Exclusive Deployment for Container Platform
  • K-PaaS Container Platform provides an independent deployment environment of Kubernetes which enables developers to easily form Kubernetes Cluster, build updated applications, and supervise them from anywhere.
  • K-PaaS Container Platform is a container orchestration platform that provides additional services necessary for cloud-based service development and operation.
github link
Container Platform Edge Cloud Deployment
  • The K-PaaS container platform extends the orchestration capabilities of containerized applications to edge hosts with edge cloud deployment and supports the underlying infrastructure for the cloud-to-edge network, application deployment, and metadata synchronization.
  • Edge cloud deployment of the K-PaaS container platform consists of two parts: cloud and an edge, and edge devices can access edge nodes through MQTT.
github link
Container Platform Service-Type Deployment
  • The K-PaaS container platform can register and supervise an exclusively deployed Kubernetes cluster in a service form through authorization integration with the application platform.
  • K-PaaS Container Platform provides services needed to operate through a service broker
github link

Application Platform

Application Platform Upgrade
  • K-PaaS, based on open source, has each component module continuously upgraded and patches revealed. K-PaaS applies the patches and proceeds upgrades accordingly.
github link
Lightweight Application Platform
  • K-PaaS(v5.5) requires a minimum of 15 VMs(including HAproxy) on a single deployment basis. However, 4VMs are sufficient for the lightweight version, K-PaaS-min.
  • We aim to reduce pressure on using IaaS resources and spread the adoption of K-PaaS.
github link
Method diversification of Application Platform Deployment
  • In alignment with the Lightweight Application Platform, K-PaaS portal deployment methods provide application platform’s usage and management diversely.
  • VM deployment using Bosh
    Deployment is provided to deploy as a VM based on the skills learned from application platform deployment.
  • Container deployment using CF cli
    To attain platform lightweight, the burden on IaaS resources would be reduced and to deploy the container-typed portal that uses an application platform, the deployment and packaged app files would be provided.
github link
Application Platform Services’ Compatibility Check
  • About 10 types of services that can be registered and used on the application platform are provided.
  • In accordance with the application platform’s patch and upgrade progress, deployment is provided after service compatibilities are checked.
github link
Multi-Cpi Application Platform
  • To deploy and activate application platform in the versatile cloud environments, including not only the single cloud but also hybrid cloud and multi-cloud, the script and the release are provided.
github link
K-PaaS Sidecar
  • Based on an independent Kubernetes environment configured through a single container platform deployment, operators can easily deploy sidecars (korifi), while developers can extend their experience in using the application platform to deploy and manage user apps.
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