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Applied Cases
[Private] PaaS-TA on Ncloud
Project Name
PaaS-TA on Ncloud
PaaS-TA Coverage
Company/Institution Name
  • Cloud-based platform services for application development and operation
Deployment Content
  • Provides an individual PaaS-TA Platform to the clients' VPC
    • Application deployment environment can be configured and used individually in customer account VPC
  • Supports PaaS-TA cf CLI
    • Use the cf CLI to view build pack information or deploy applications
  • Can be linked with various services
    • Easily connect to services such as Server and Kubernetes on Naver's cloud platform for application development and operation
  • Verified Scalability Check service
    • Has obtained Level 3 certification for scalability verification service in Sidecar version PaaS-TA as first among domestic companies
  • Verified Compatibility Check Service
    • Can link the largest domestic company's Cloud products(NAVER Kubernetes Service, Cloud DB for MySQL, Cloud DB for Redis)
    • Provides high reliability in conjunction with proprietary Cloud products
Characteristics of the Configuration
  • Secure and flexible integrated management
    • Provides an independent, container-based application development and operational environment for each user using the infrastructure of the Naver cloud platform that has obtained Public Cloud Security Certification (CSAP)
    • Single-tenant service for easy and fast development without additional PaaS security certification
  • Efficient cost management
    • Enables usage-based investment using the cloud, as opposed to large upfront investments in self-deployment
  • Provides a wide range of application development environments
    • Easily configure by selecting development environments such as development languages and frameworks and adding additional services
    • Can quickly deploy applications without installing and configuring additional software for deployment
Refer to the image below for configuration diagram of PaaS-TA on Ncloud .
    • Virtual Private CLOUD
      • Kubernetes Service
        • PaaS-TA Core - Private Subnet
          • Cloud Controller
          • Routing Controller
          • API
          • Eirini
          • UAA
          • Metrics
          • Istio
          • Paketo Buildpacks
          • Fluentd
          • Minio blobstore
          • PaaS-TA Core stores data with Ncloud Service Server
          • PaaS-TA Core stores physical data with Ncloud Service
          • PaaS-TA Core connects to the Internet via Global DNS, starting with NAT Gateway, via Load Balancer
        • PaaS-TA Service - Private Subnet
          • eGov F/W
          • Spring
          • .NET Core
          • Nginx
          • httpd
          • Go
          • PHP
          • Python
          • Ruby
          • Java
          • Node.js
          • Ncloud Service Broker
        • PaaS-TA Service - Private Subnet
          • Diego-cell
            • Nginx buildpack
            • Golang buildpack
            • JAVA buildpack
            • Node.JS buildpack
            • PHP buildpack
            • Ncloud Service Broker
            • PaaS-TA Service
          • PaaS-TA Service is an Ncloud Service Server that links products through service brokers
      • Ncloud Service(Sever)
        • Kubernetes Service
        • CloudDB for MySQL
        • Cloud DB for Redis
        • CloudDB for Mongo
        • Simple RabbitMQ(Only capital region)
        • To be provided
          • Search Engine Service
    • Ncloud Service
      • Object Storage
      • Container Registry
      • To be provided
        • NAS
        • ELSA
        • Source Pipeline